Dakh Theatre «Crime Paradoxes» — Kyiv — 27.11.2019

The center of contemporary art “Dakh” performs the play “Crime Paradoxes”.

Dates: the 27th and 28th of November Based on: Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment”and Gilbert Chesterton’s «Paradoxes of Mr. Pond».

The play is an intellectual and psychological thriller that explores the nature of crime as an act of human will. Talking about the plot doesn’t make sense, because it doesn’t exist. Instead, it is an idea that is being discussed and that turns into comedy, tragedy and drama. The action is timeless — here and now. The evolution of action in «Crime Paradoxes» is divided into blocks, each of which reveals the phenomenon of «borderline». The energy of thought is expressed through dialogues, which often grow into a series of long monologues.

KLIM’s absurd drama. Stage director — Vlad Troitsky.

Actors — Katrysa Petrashova, Marichka Shtyrbulova, Nadezhda Golubtsova, Marusia Ionova, Andrii Palatnyi, Oleksandra Indik, Vladimir Rudenko, Igor Dymov, Alex Martin, Semyon Kisly, Volodymyr Lutikov, Vladislav Gogol, Tetyana Troitskaya Lighting artist — Asthik Tigranovna